Large Mixed Box


    Our Large Mixed Box contents vary with the season and availability, but are always great value for the average family, packed full pf healthy fruit and veg - example contents below.  

    Potato 1 kg Apple x 6
    Carrots 0.5 kg Satsuma x 6
    Mixed Greens (Cabbage, Cauliflower or Broccoli) x 1 Banana x 6
    Leek x 2 Lemon x 1
    Seasonal Vegetables (Swede, Parsnip or  Courgette) x 1 Lime x 1
    Onion x 1 Grapes x 1
    Tomatoes 0.5 kg Blueberries x 1
    Cucumber x 1 Conference Pears x 3

    Contents may vary due to availability - Image for guidance only.

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